Inspirational Casting Call: Audition to be An Actor and Model


Entertain the world representing God!

Christian company, Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC), will be touring the country to find talent in a variety of genres. A press release from FrontGate Media was sent out today announcing this once in a lifetime opportunity to begin a career in entertainment.

The following is an excerpt listing the cities the casting call tour will travel to:

“Due to popular demand, the team will be screening local talent in the following cities:  Raleigh NC, Portland OR, Houston TX, Winston-Salem NC, Atlanta GA, Seattle WA, Omaha NE, Dallas TX, Chicago IL, Roanoke VA, Kingsport TN, Jackson MS, Anaheim CA, New York NY, Louisville KY and Cincinnati OH.  Auditions are free of charge…….”

Click Here to read the entire press release on BTSCelebs’ Facebook Page.

*A Special Thanks to Lori at FrontGate Media for the press release*

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