BTSCelebs Review: “I’ve Got a Life in Kalamazoo”


Do you love vintage television, but wish they could tackle current trends/events?

I’ve Got a Life in Kalamazoo is the show for you! Ed Asner, Marion Ross and Vicki Lewis shine in their roles as the Hoyer family. People with Kalamazoo roots have welcomed their daughter and her husband back to their hometown.

Nilah Hoyer (Vicki Lewis) is best friends with gay man Clayton Croft (Patrick W. Ziegler). His partner of one year is Anthony Publes (Bill Mendieta aka Ricky Ricardo).  Nilah and Clayton’s friendship is heartwarming and you can’t help but admire the love they have for one another.

Her parents, Bob and Imelda Hoyer (Asner and Ross), have enjoyed their lives and now Imelda obsesses about kicking the bucket, while Bob is full of life. Bob has hilarious one liners that keep you engaged in the show.

Episodes 1 and 2 were filmed in Chicago this weekend. In the first episode, an elder gay friend dies and Clayton tries to maintain his secret life in Kalamazoo and live free in his home in Chicago. In Episode 2, Imelda tries to feel more at ease with living in Kalamazoo and accidentally tells Clayton she spilled the beans about his gay life to her parents.

I was overjoyed to seeing Bill Mendieta again and I thought everyone’s acting was very good. They are all talented actors who can easily make you believe they are the characters they portray. However, I didn’t see the need to constantly discuss Clayton being gay. His sexuality shouldn’t have been the main focal point. No one discussed being a heterosexual, and it would have been great to just see the two friends display their amazing friendship.

Also, I would have loved to see more interaction between Nilah and her parents. Viewers miss the iconic actors of the past and desire more face time with them.

That is just my two quarters!

**A Special Thanks to Teresa L. Thome for allowing BTSCelebs to review the sitcom filming**

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