Choreographer Gregory Glade Hancock Goes Bollywood – 1kyne Returns to K-Poppin’


It’s Bollywood and Hallyuwood time!

Indiana based choreographer Gregory Glade Hancock will travel thru India in his upcoming dance tour. ETC Bollywood tweeted the following message today about Hancock’s plans:

After enthralling USA with his unique fusion of ballet w/ Indian & Bwood dances, choreog. Gregory Glade Hancock has set his sight on B’wood.”

Hancock has incorporated Bollywood dance moves in his numbers and this time around he wants to meet with producers in India and offer his services. Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is scheduled to tour the following cities: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Goa .

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This week, Isak‘s former Wednesday guest( 1kyne) on K-Poppin’ returned to the show with his band Electroboyz. They were there to promote “Ma Boy 3”. As you know, he was one of my favorite guests on her radio program and it was good to hear him again.

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