IDOL’s Angie Miller Needs a Recount

Angie Miller & Liam Hemsworth

Angie Miller & actor Liam Hemsworth

America’s got some explaining to do!

The girl with the perfect pitch should still be in the competition. I honestly thought she DESERVED a spot in the final.

Honestly, I thought all the ladies (the top 4) should form their own group. Their harmony together was amazing and separately they are spectacular. Instead of one American Idol winner this year, their should have been four (Angie, Candice, Kree and Amber).

American Idol needs to recount the votes and give everyone the crown! On a side note, Angie should be invited to Liam’s wedding….she could be Miley’s (look-a-like) bridesmaid.

All rights to the image belongs to Angie Miller.


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