Dhanush Won’t Portray Bad Guys

Sonama Kapoor and Dhanush

Sonama Kapoor and Dhanush

According to Bollywood Life, the Bollywood star doesn’t think he can nail roles designed for stocky guys.  Dhanush acknowledges his love for the film industry, but knows his limitations.

Dhanush stated the following about his career in an interview : “Imagine a thin guy like me playing Milkha Singh… I can’t do justice to a role in which I need to play an upscale businessman….I can stand comfortably in front of a movie camera, it’s my world. The moment the director says cut, I hate the fact that we have to be fake. I can be completely honest in front of a movie camera.”

All rights to image, info and quote belongs to Dhanush and BollywoodLife.com.

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