“The Cat In The Hat” Balances Chicago


How much can he handle?

The PBS meets Nickelodeon like play “The Cat In The Hat” has purred into the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago. Dr. Seuss would be very proud that his beloved book series has been brought to life on stage.

On June 23rd, the delightful play was all about responsibility. Boy (Michael Richardson) and Little Sally (Giselle Vaughn) were stuck at home during a thunderstorm and Cat (Danny Taylor) invites himself over to liven things up.


He literally brings his things (Thing One and Thing Two [Liam and Lily Dahlborn]) and makes a complete mess!

CatInTheHat_ECTC_13-028-2335981851-O (1)CatInTheHat_ECTC_13-003-2335967710-O

The level headed Fish (Erik Strebig) is surrounded by all the fun that gets a little out of hand, but the 35 minute show ends with a very positive message.

Children will be entertained and beg to see it again! BTSCelebs highly recommends families  make the trip downtown to view this interactive joy.

Don’t forget to stay after the show….the cast even holds an autograph session for everyone in the audience.


If you want to enjoy the “The Cat In The Hat” live in Chicago thru September 1st visit the following website:


BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Amanda Meyer, Margie Korshak Inc and Broadway in Chicago forthe images and letting me review the production.

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