Book Review: Rene Gutteridge & John Ward’s “Heart Of The Country”


“Heart Of The Country” is a trip.

If you love medical programs and extensive spotlights on death and loss, you will be a fan of this book. The story begins with Faith‘s loving mother, Catherine, slowly transitioning between life and death. She is in the ambulance on her way to the hospital following a car accident that left her in critical condition. In the next chapter, we are fast forwarded to the present with Faith and Luke’s upscale lifestyle. They enjoy New York’s high society scene until on a business decision forces the happy couple to separate.

As the story unfolds, Catherine’s first-person narrative of her final hours on earth damper the first half of an otherwise interesting and well written tale. The second half of the story focuses on Faith’s father dying of a terrible illness. I almost cried twice in the final chapters and tearjerkers are not my cup of tea.

The couple’s journey back to one another is a decorative frame to a story about coping with loss and healing.

“Heart Of The Country” took me by surprise, but I hope you put on your seat belt before you travel down sorrow lane.

Heart of the Country_ReneGutteridge_20130530

“Heart Of The Country” will be available in stores in September. (The movie based on the book is in stores now.)

*BTSCelebs thanks Tyndale House Publishers, Inc for the complimentary copy of the book.*

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