SHINee’s Onew is Goth for “Everybody”


My lovable boys SHINee are scheduled to return to the music scene on October 14th with a new musical project titled “Everybody”.

Taemin’s preview images were released yesterday and Onew hit the press just moments ago. SHINee’s fifth mini album “Everybody” is described as a “Complextro” genre (complex and electro). SM states it will be much different than “Why So Serious” and “Dream Girl”.

I don’t know about you, but I like my group the way they are without additional fake piercings or tatts. Now, I love my SHINee.… you know I do. However, these pre-comeback photos are too much. I have never liked SMTown’s teaser images for any of their recording artists, but many of their songs are very catchy.

Long story short… Onew’s nose and lip holes have to go!


All rights to the images belong to SM Entertainment and SHINee.

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