[Interview] YGLadies: A 2NE1 Chicago Concert is Slim, But Anything is Possible

2NE1_투애니원_03282014Blackjacks, this is for you!

The diehard fans, YGLadies, of the mega hit girl group 2NE1 have been around since 2008 (a year before the crossover recording artists debuted in South Korea). The popular fan forum (aka fan community) started out as a simple “stand alone” forum for fans to communicate, but now it has become the go-to source for Blackjacks everywhere.

This year, 2NE1 has made an appearance on The Bachelor and they are currently filming their scene for cycle 21 of America’s Next Top Model.  Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am believed in them and promised to helped bring them to the USA years ago. Because of their supportive fans, they are starting to live the international dream.

BTSCelebs wants to introduce you to these dynamic fans who have the girls’ back thru thick and thin. In our exclusive interview, YGLadies discussed everything from their humble beginnings, a concert in Chicago to the future of the forum. It’s all here on BTSCelebs!

BTSCelebs: Why was YGLadies created?

YGLadies: YGLadies was originally created as a stand alone forum for fans of YG’s rumored girl group once actual names were out. Sometime in early 2008, YG did some articles that Bom, CL, Minzy, Dara and a fifth member would be debuting soon. Of course, soon in YGE’s book meant over a year later, but who’s counting.

Are you affiliated with YG Entertainment?

In a dream world, we have contact with their US/English-speaking staff, particularly when the girls wer here for New Evolution Tour. However, we mostly just contact 2NE1’s fanstaff just like most other 2ne1 fansites.

Have you had any events organized where Blackjacks interacted with 2NE1?

Not yet, 2Ne1 has only ever had one fan meeting outside of Korea (at the KBEE event in United Kingdom) where they interacted directly with fans. Usually when they travel oversees, their schedules are so jam packed they barely have time to do much of anything.

Describe the most successful event YGLadies has organized so far:


We had our first Bus Ads last year to promote ‘Falling in Love’ and that was pretty cool to see our bus driving around Seoul and the girls mentioned the bus on SNS which was pretty cool too. Community-wise our meet-ups (NY, LA, Manila) have been surprisingly well-attended and fun.

Fellow K-Pop group Boyfriend performed in Chicago this month, what are the chances of a 2NE1 concert in the Windy City anytime soon?

Anyone who follows YG artists will know it’s a rarity for them to perform in the states and when they do, they usually stick to the big coastal cities. I would say the liklelihood that 2NE1 makes it to Chicago anytime in the forseeable future is slim, but of course ANYTHING is possible. You never know when 2NE1 will have some random schedule that could take them to Chi-Town. For now though, the girls are super busy with their AON Tour plus the upcoming YG Family concert tour.

What exciting things does YGLadies have planned for this year?

This year, we are working with 2NE1 PH to prepare some fan events for their 5th anniversary which just so happens to fall on the same day as 2NE1’s concert in Manila. Hopefully, that goes well. We would also love to plan a forum-wide trip to Korea for AON encore concert in Seoul (if YG is nice and let’s the girls have one lol)

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to the YGLadies fan forum for the interview. All rights to the images belongs to YG Entertainment.

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