Artist Vanessa Navarrete Showcases New Work at Chicago’s Room 406


BTSCelebs’ April 2013 interview guest Vanessa Navarrete is showing off her new works of art this Friday. The talented painter will have her special masterpieces on display from April 11 thru June 15 at Room 406 (406 North Oakley Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60612).

The opening reception will run from 5:00-8:00pm [CST]. The following is a message from her official press release:

“Recently shifting her focus from intricate realism to layered abstraction, Navarrete’s current paintings describe the sublime nature of an ever-shifting landscape. Employing oils, mixed media and collage, Navarrete creates imagery drawn from her instincts and reactions to the highly experimental painting process, rather than from any direct observation of sources or references during creation. Her work is contemplative, searching and poetic. The paintings’ surfaces are rich—gestural and thickly applied in some areas, satin and atmospheric in others—creating a dreamlike juxtaposition of image and light that is at once familiar and mysterious.”

Click Here to read BTSCelebs’ interview with the timeless Chicago artist.

BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Vanessa Navarrete for the info.

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