Justin Cornwell: I’m Voicing Several Characters in The “Watch_Dogs” Video Game

Justin Cornwell_06102014

You have arrived at part 2 of BTSCelebs’ interview with Justin Cornwell.

BTSCelebs: How has acting challenged you as a person? Similarly, what have you learned about yourself as a result of these challenges?**

Justin Cornwell: Acting is the one thing that consistently challenges me to not only understand myself in a deeper way but others as well. I have to let go of preconceived notions and truly view a different perspective without judgment. Acting has allowed me to look at myself and my world more subjectively.

Do you see yourself working behind the scenes? Ex. Directing**

I do see myself behind the scenes, writing or possible directing. I have worked behind the scenes as a stand in for the lead actor the entire first season of USA comedy “Sirens”. It was a great experience were I could see the day to day of writers and directors.

Tell us about your upcoming “Midsummer Night’s Dream” show:

The show is an extension of the Midsummer show we did at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I play Robin Starveling as well as a magical warrior fairy. The show is full of great choreography masterfully designed by our director David Bell. We will be performing for free in a new park everyday during the month of July and August.

Are there any other productions we can anticipate to see you in the near future?

I’m going back into the studio with Ubisoft for new content for the game Watch_Dogs. The game is currently out and you can find me voicing several characters in the game.

A Special Thanks to Justin Cornwell and Gray Talent Group for the interview and photo.  ** Thank You to Phylicia for the “starred” questions. **

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