[Interview] “The Avatars” Actor Tyler Young: “It’s My Dream to Work alongside Meryl Streep, Mariann Mayberry”


Meet Tyler!

Chicago actors continue to spread their wings all the way to Europe! “The Avatars” actor Tyler Young is yet another amazing gem in the Midwest. This rising talent has taken his humble beginnings in theatre and commercial work all the way to Spain!

Here is part one of BTSCelebs’ exclusive interview with Tyler Young:

BTSCelebs: Who is Tyler Young?

Tyler Young: Way to get all existential on me for the first question! I don’t quite know how to answer this one so i’ll let the following questions answer for me.

What influenced you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

I knew from probably the 4th grade that I wanted to pursue a career as an actor, though, I had absolutely no idea what that entailed or how to achieve it. I saw the kids on TV shows and in plays and thought to myself, “that’s what I want to be doing!”. From there on out, I subconsciously began my pursuit into this crazy business.

Imagine you are cast in your dream film. What is the name of the movie and who is the actor you would like to play alongside?

I’d love to be in any film that successfully presents characters and situations in honest, relatable and compelling ways. In particular, and to achieve this, it’d be ideal to work with a director who understands how to work with actors in an effective and approachable manner–someone like local Chicago director, Stephen Cone, for example. I always say it’s my dream to work alongside someone such as Meryl Streep because, well, she’s just the best. It would be the greatest learning experience to witness her process while undertaking challenging roles. I’d also love to work with an actor such as Mariann Mayberry , a notable ensemble member at Steppenwolf Theatre company, who delivers incredible stage performances that I believe would translate tremendously on film.

What is your ideal movie genre to star in? (example: comedy, action, etc..)

My ideal film would be one that challenges and transcends genre–utilizing man facets to create a dynamic, original concept.

Tyler will answer the following questions in part 2 of our interview:

You play J.P. in Disney Channel Europe’s “The Avatars”. Tell us about the audition process and how you landed your big role.

What is it like filming in Spain? Do you have any memorable moments?

You filmed some commercials in the USA, what was your favorite commercial? Why was this particular one so special to you?

How do you unwind after a busy week?

What projects should we expect to see you in the near future?

*A Special Thanks to Tyler Young and Gray Talent Group for the interview and photo.*

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