[Book Review] Jessica Dotta’s “Mark Of Distinction”


Jessica Dotta’s second novel in the Price Of Privilege Trilogy, “Mark Of Distinction”, was much better than the first book. I was pleasantly surprised by the regal surroundings described. Ms. Dotta perfectly depicted a common girl’s rise into the upper-class.

Her main character Julia spends the beginning of the book alone in a large estate owned by her rich father. His political status has allowed him to enjoy life among fellow wealthy British people in the 1800s. However, she does not live in his sphere until she is around 18 years old due to unfortunate circumstances.

In her father’s home, she finds a safe haven from the deviant Mr. Macy, until Macy hounds her in her father’s care. This book could have easily been the conclusion to Julia’s tough journey thru the ranks of England. It ends on a very high note. Nonetheless, her happy ending obviously comes at a price with the third installment (“Price Of Privilege”) releasing in the Spring of 2015.

*BTSCelebs thanks Tyndale House Publishers, Inc for the complimentary copy of the book.*


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