Fantasy Casting: “The Song” Movie Sequel



Who should star in the follow-up to the new movie “The Song”?

As the upcoming inspirational film heads to theaters this weekend, BTSCelebs is looking forward to a possible future of a movie series.

Alan Powell, Ali Faulkner and Caitlin Nicol-Thomas did a fantastic job bringing their characters to life and helping audiences relate to the Song of Solomon. I would love to see more Christian music based recording artists take on their roles in a possible sequel.

If Samuel Goldwyn Films decided to make a sequel, they should definitely narrow their search of cast members to Anthony Evans, Mandisa and Moriah Peters. They are already gifted vocalists and seeing their on-screen chemistry could be very interesting.

Credit: @AnthonyEvansJr

Credit: @AnthonyEvansJr

Credit: Mandisa's Official Facebook Page

Credit: Mandisa’s Official Facebook Page

Credit: Moriah Peters' Official Facebook Page

Credit: Moriah Peters’ Official Facebook Page

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