Album Review: Mandisa’s “Get Up – The Remixes”


Another exquisite masterpiece!

Mandisa is on a roll with the fabulous music she releases. Her latest album titled “Get Up The Remixes” is a compilation of her hit singles “Overcomer”, “Good Morning”, “Stronger” and many others. The songs retain their original lyrics with a touch of sass and addicting pop tunes. “My Deliverer” even salsa dances into a Latin melody.

I’m not a fan of remix albums, but Mandisa made one of the best ones I have ever heard. You almost forget it is a remix project. The whole album deserves an A+ rating. Her voice is superb in every track. Mandisa has one of the best voices in Christian music in the last decade.

The stand out tracks are “Back To You”, “Joy Unspeakable”, “My Deliverer” and “Waiting For Tomorrow”.

*A Special Thanks to The M Collective and Mandisa for the complimentary review copy of “Get Up-The Remixes” CD*


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