Movie Review: Lacey Chabert and Corey Sevier’s “The Tree That Saved Christmas”

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2.1 million viewers loved it, did you?

BTSCelebs enjoyed the warm and cozy family movie The Tree That Saved Christmas. The story of young writer Molly (Lacey Chabert) encourages viewers to have hope in their causes and never give up.

In the movie, Molly returns to her childhood home to learn that her parents will soon lose their house and land due to financial woes. Shortly before her trip, the Christmas tree she and her dad preserved when she was a child lands in her boss’s (Jim Thorburn) house. The struggling writer takes the tree home and the adventure begins. During her plight to save her family’s home and business, she reconnects with her former flame Lucas (Corey Sevier), who is on the opposing team.

When Molly’s boss visits her with his two daughters, the Christmas gift he gives her is more than she could have hoped for.

To sum it all up, The Tree That Saved Christmas is something for the whole family to enjoy.

Click Here to read the official press release about how many viewers watched the premiere weekend.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv’s PR for a screener of the movie*

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