[Interview] 9 Questions with Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop” actress Megan Lee


Young talent Megan Lee has been apart of the entertainment industry since she was 10 years-old!

She got her start in commercials and TV programs like “iCarly”, Disney short series “Get Connected”, “3 Minute Game Show” and independent films. Her recent YouTube fame propelled her into a K-Pop music career. She debuted as a singer in South Korea with her addictive song “8Dayz” in 2014.

This year, the singer, songwriter and actress will star in an all new Nickelodeon series titled “Make It Pop”. BTSCelebs was given the opportunity to interview Miss Lee to discuss her exciting new role.

BTSCelebs: Who is Megan Lee?

A passionate dreamer! I’m a singing songwriting actress who also loves to dance and express myself! I try to live every day to the fullest and the most positive way possible. I love my job and hope to make people all around the world happy and inspired through my work.

How did you land the role of Sun Hi?

My manager called me and asked if I would be interested in this project. I self-taped an audition, and now I am on this amazing show.

Can you tell us more about Sun Hi’s role at Mackendrick Prep?

Sun Hi is the biggest and loudest dreamer at Mackendrick Prep. More than studying she likes to perform on stage singing and dancing being a part of a popular band called XO-IQ. Sun Hi stands out a lot because of her big personality and colorful funky fashion style.

Will your character have a love interest? If so, who will it be?

As of now, it doesn’t appear so but anything can happen.

Which cast member have you truly bonded with over the course of filming?

On the set of “Make it Pop” both the cast and crew are very close with each other! Rehearsing and filming together has really helped create a bond with my costars Louriza, Erika and Dale.

What is your most memorable scene in Make It Pop and which original song is your favorite?

My most memorable scene is when I almost choked on feathers during a pillow fight for a production number. I was completely fine of course and we laugh about it a lot on set.

This show is based on K-Pop, will any K-Pop stars make a guest appearance on the show besides yourself?

A lot of people have misunderstood that this show is about or based on K-Pop but actually it’s not. The show was created inspired by some of the very colorful parts of the K-Pop industry (outfits and concepts of famous girl groups) which is why the theme of the show is very bright and colorful. We say that the show is K-Pop inspired because some of the styles of hair clothes and make up that we apply to the show by looking at girl groups like (f(x), Girls Generation, 2ne1, 4minute, etc).

So for this season there aren’t actually any K-Pop stars set to make appearances, but it would be so awesome if we had some cool K-Pop guest stars in the future! Although we don’t have K-Pop star guest starring on the show, we have had some really cool guests that will appear on the show this season, so please tune in and watch!

Who is your favorite singer in K-Pop?

I have many favorite singers in K-Pop! But my ultimate favorite is 2NE1!!

I’m a big fan of SHINee and I hope they cross over successfully to the US market like you have. Do you feel young audiences will fall in love with K-Pop after seeing “Make It Pop”?

Because Make It Pop has a bit of K-Pop influence, I think young audiences will definitely have their eyes opened to K-Pop music. Although the show doesn’t surround K-Pop nor is it a K-Pop show, the roots and the inspiration came from K-Pop, so I think that people will enjoy watching something that’s very different from other musical shows on American television.

Way to go, Megan! BTSCelebs is cheering for you.

“Make It Pop” debuts on Nickelodeon next month.

*A Special Thanks to the Nickelodeon press team and Megan Lee for this interview and photo.*

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