Book Review: Tracie Peterson’s “Steadfast Heart”


“Steadfast Heart” isn’t what it appears to be.

The first book in Tracie Petersons Brides of Seattle series mostly follows the story of a red headed orphan named Abrianna. She is determined to never wed and help the needy in the city of Seattle. The story is set in a bridal school in the 19th Century.

The entire book is suppose to be about a rich heiress named Lenore who falls in love with a lawyer (Kolbein) from Chicago, but their story is put on hold for many chapters due to their untimely separation.

I loved learning more about Abrianna, her best friend Wade and the aunts who have raised her practically from birth. However, some of the story was a little confusing, because I expected to read more about Lenore and her relationship with her lawyer.

Nonetheless, the book makes time for murder, suspense and the ultimate search for Kolbein’s sister.

I didn’t like the negative comments about my home city, but the book was an interesting read. I’m actually very curious about book #2.

 *A Special Thanks to Bethany House for a review copy of the book*

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