Aeropostale Needs to Bring Back Bethany Mota’s Fringe Cardigan + Megan Lee Covers Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”


Over the past week, I have been on the lookout for the perfect cardigan!

I remembered the cute cardigan Bethany Mota promoted in her Easter video last year, and I decided to order it online. Unfortunately, they don’t carry the fringe cardigan online or in stores anymore (believe me, I checked). However, I really want Aeropostale to bring it back, and I’m writing this article to prove it!

Aeropostale, please bring back Mota’s 2014 cardigan, nothing else you have for sale right now can replace it.

In other news, Megan Lee did a great cover of Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” recently. I didn’t watch the Billboard Music Awards, but after viewing Lee and Swift videos on YouTube… I feel she did  great job even without Kendrick Lamar’s help.

Check it out below –

All rights to the screencap and video belongs to Bethany Mota, Aeropostle and Megan Lee.

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