Robert Townsend Returns to TV in “Playin’ for Love” Film


“The Parent ‘Hood” daddy, Robert Townsend, finally returns to television in an all new movie for UP tv. The former “The Meteor Man” stars, directs, produces and co-wrote the new family friendly flick that is set to air this Sunday at 7PM.

Check out the synopsis below:

“Robert Townsend plays Coach Niven Banks, an overly confident high school basketball coach who’s used to calling all the shots.  He recruits a basketball player named Justice “The Judge” McCoy (Daniel Yorel Cooper) from another school district to help his team win.  When Justice’s mother, Talisa McCoy (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), comes in, she turns his world upside down.  She’s smart and knows a thing or two about coaching basketball.  And she’s onto the coach’s selfish, arrogant ways and now won’t let him get away with it.  When Coach Banks won’t take her seriously, she threatens to pull her son off the team.  Reluctantly, the Coach starts using her plays and the team starts to win.  Sparks start to fly on and off the court.  Playin’ for Love is romantic comedy about making the right plays, on and off the court.  Jenifer Lewis stars as Alize Gates, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs stars as Coach Preston Reid, and Esai Morales stars as Principal Jose Marti.”


Don’t forget to tune in!

*Images and synopsis are courtesy of UP tv’s official press release*

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