Christian Film “War Room” Tops the Box Office


After years of reviewing family-friendly faith based films, BTSCelebs is proud to announce that Christian film “War Room” has ranked number one at the box office! The independent flick was released in only 1,000 theaters nationwide, and it still managed to beat powerful Hollywood movies showing in the same theaters.

“War Room” stars Dr. Tony Evans’ daughter, actress Priscilla C. Shirer, and actor T.C. Stallings portraying a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, and their only hope is the power of prayer to Almighty God. Actress Karen Abercrombie plays their Prayer Warrior, Miss Clara.

It raked in over $12 million this holiday weekend totaling almost $28 million since its release on August 28. I can only imagine where this hit will rank next week.

*All rights to the poster belongs to Sony and TriStar Pictures.*

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