Ansel Elgort Sets The Record Straight About Signing with Island Records


Ansel is tapping into his inner musical talent!

The longtime DJ and Divergent Series actor will be able to bring his music to the masses through an exclusive deal with Island Records. News about his signing with the mainstream label recently hit the media, but the young star wasn’t too happy with the inaccurate coverage.

He tweeted his side of the story about the humble beginnings of his Ansolo music:

“Just wana set some things straight. Ansolo has been around for 4 years. I used to DJ parties when I was in highschool. I started producing records around 4 years ago too. I don’t just DJ, I make most of the music I play. I’ve kept Ansel and Ansolo separate. Today it was annouced that @Ansolo_Music signed with Island records. I went into the labels office with my music and played them demos. They signed Ansolo.  then it was announced and a lot of press is saying “actor is becoming a DJ now” that’s not the case. Over a year ago I made a record that was played at every major festival by many top DJs. It went on a small indi dance label. Today a lot of press is making it seem like I’ve just started this. My first indi dance record was signed b4 any movies came out. I make music because I love to,  I need too. It’s part of me, just as being an actor is part of me. We shouldn’t be confined to one thing in life. Why not chase every dream we have, as long as it’s with love and passion.I’m excited for everything coming up. Can’t wait for all of you to be a part of it.”

*All rights to the image and quote belongs to Ansel Elgort. *

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