U-KISS’ Kevin Woo Stands Up for the Good Guys


Marriage is BAE!

I gotta be 100% honest. I was never a U-KISS fan because their music didn’t appeal to me. However, the recent marriages of Dong Ho, Eli and even the strong Christian faith of Kevin Woo has persuaded me to have a newfound respect for the band. U-KISS seems to be indirectly standing up for the many good guys in the world. Good guys do exist!

Kevin Woo’s recent message alone is so admirable. Check out the tweets from December 6:

“I respect Eli’s decision as a member and as a friend. Marriage should not be something to be ashamed of or hidden. If you truly care for him and U-KISS please show support. Congratulations @EliKim0313”

Bravo, Kevin! I sincerely hope he shares the joyous news of his engagement and marriage in the future. She will be one blessed lady.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Kevin Woo. 

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