Movie Review: “Love Finds You In Valentine”


Diogo Morgado and Michaela Mcmanus star as Derek Sterling  and Kennedy Blaine in the new UP tv romantic film “Love Finds You In Valentine”. Derek is a ranch foreman solely devoted to the property he works on, while Kennedy is the law student who inherits the ranch and contemplates selling it. Once Kennedy finds out the truth behind the ranch’s financial situation and falls for the foreman, she slowing becomes attached to her family’s historic home and peaceful area. Derek and Kennedy’s family secrets come to light as they become honest with their feelings and let love find them in Valentine, Nebraska.

The scenery in this film is utterly breathtaking! It’s so beautiful that it almost distracts you from the intriguing storyline. If you are a fan of the main stars including iconic stars Lindsay Wagner and Ed Asner, I say gather your family and friends around the TV tomorrow night and check it out. Everyone did a very nice job in their individual roles. The onely complaint I do have is the chemistry between Diogo Morgado and Michaela Mcmanus. They weren’t 100% convincing as a couple in love. It probably would have been better for the two to remain good friends rather than develop a loveline between them. Other than that, it is a good wholesome family film definitely worth watching.

Watch “Love Finds You In Valentine” tomorrow at 7PM EST on UP tv.

*A Special Thanks to UP tv PR for the screener of the movie and the photo*

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