Concert Review: GOT 7’s 1st Concert Tour Fly In USA – “Fly in Chicago”


GOT 7 made a big impression on Midwestern fans with their very first solo tour.

Yesterday, ailing members JB and Youngjae broke my heart as they put on a brave face for fans and performed with the remaining five guys. During the high-energy event, the group covered their biggest hits for IGOT7s like “Girls Girls Girls”, “A”,” Stop It Stop It,” “Just Right”, “If You Do”, “Fly” and “Home Run”. They even performed my favorites “Magnetic Girl” and “I Like You”, while the unit group stages pleasantly surprised the audience with energetic performances of “Higher” and “WOLO”. The well choreographed dance segments at the beginning and middle of the show were worth the wait.

The boys worked extremely hard, and JB and YoungJae impressed me by even dancing with the rest of the group despite their ailments. I applaud them for their incredible determination and dedication to their fans.

On a side note, I would have loved to see the boys focus more on fan service. Consistent interaction with fans and seeing more of their unique personalities during the dance performances would have made the night even more perfect. IGO7s absolutely adore them.

For the remainder of their “Fly In The USA” tour, BTSCelebs recommends the boys just get adequate rest, try to eliminate the first tour jitters and remember to treat their fans like their best friends (because fans love them so much). I guarantee the rest of the tour will be spectacular.

*A special thanks to SubKulture Entertainment for allowing BTSCelebs to review the show.*

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