Erica Campbell Sends a Message of Hope Following the Nationwide Tragedies


Pray for peace.

Gospel star Erica Campbell rushed to social media today to share two Christian messages promoting prayer in response to the tragic nationwide shootings. The MaryMary member reminded everyone that we can not be fighting against each other, and that believers should unite.

Check out her powerful tweets below:

“Let’s be smart determined hopeful prayerful consistent !#nostormlastforever #wecanmakeit Anger, pain and fear are a deadly combination! We have an overabundance of it! Add faith and trust in God to diffuse the confusion! #Jesus W have to stop fighting each other and realize the real enemy is Satan! 2 chronicles 7:14 can the church come together please!? Can the church, I mean ALL believers come together!!We can cause a spiritual shift in this nation if we stand together as children of God! I’m not afraid I’m not scared I’m not hiding #bind the spirit of anger, fear and murder they’re a bad combination. We fight Satan not people”

Click Here to read her second message on Instagram.

Amen!  BTSCelebs prays for peace in the USA and hopes we can all unite in love. Heartfelt condolences to everyone who lost a love one during this difficult time.

All rights to the image and quote belongs to Erica Campbell. 

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