SF9 (aka NEOZ School) Needs to Hold Their First Concert in Chicago


SF9 needs to come to Chi-Town next!

You know I have been a big SHINee fan since 2009 (hence the reason I was the first one in line to purchase a ticket to their Chicago fanmeeting in May), but after watching the web show “Click Your Heart” I started favoring SF9 too. Besides being cutie pies, these guys are extremely talented with their impressive dancing, singing and acting skills!

Their agency, FNC Entertainment, has been teasing the boy group’s upcoming debut all year with numerous videos, covers, a web series and even a TV competition with a band under the same label. While we continue to endure the long wait, I think it would be great for them to make their US debut right here in Chicago!  Many idols like Wonder Girls, 2PM, SHINee, EXO, GOT 7 etc have enjoyed the warm greeting from MidWestern fans….I know SF9 will get their career off to an amazing  start here in the US if they start in Chicago too!

All the best on their debut, and let’s make it happen!

*All rights to the image belongs to FNC Entertainment.*

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3 Responses to SF9 (aka NEOZ School) Needs to Hold Their First Concert in Chicago

  1. Fantasy4life says:

    Hi, That would be awesome! I’m Fantasy and I love them so when they are going to do the concert there, I’m going to save a lot of money!! Because I leave so far away from US..
    I’m from Costa Rica..

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