Book Review: Melissa Tagg’s “Keep Holding On”


Keep Holding On” is sexy.

Compared to Melissa Tagg’s previous novels, Beckett and Kit’s love story is filled with family friendly soap opera moments that will bring your autumn to life.

Childhood best friends Beckett Walker and Kit Danby reunite years after a failed wedding and criminal record threatened to separate them forever. The pair’s lifelong bond only gets stronger as they overcome misunderstandings, unfulfilled dreams, sickness and more. “Keep Holding On” stays true to Tagg’s Gilmore Girls-esque setting while giving you an all new story filled with so much emotion you literally have to read it to believe it! The main characters are as complex as the supporting ones. The author also made sure to give readers the perfect teaser for Raegan and Bear’s upcoming tale at the very end.

“Keep Holding On” is a good mix of real life and fantasy. There are moments that will bring you tears of joy and pain. If you can’t decide which TV show or movie to watch next, pick up this book and be amazed.

*BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to Melissa Tagg*

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