Alexander Eusebio Shares Delicious Winter Meals


Xander is making everyone hungry!

K-Poppin‘s “To Be Honest” co-host  is already enjoying good eats in 2017. Even though he dined alone, Alexander didn’t let that stop him from having a ball with his fandom. The singer and actor recently shared photos of his appetizing meals via Instagram.

Check out his snapshots and captions below:


“Spinach fettuccine with beef.🍴This is how live-alone men eat.🙄 Ain’t nobody got time for plating. It looks bad but well it’s yummy.☺️ I always accidentally cook too much… Wanna join me? #Xander #DiningAlone #SpinachFettuccine #beef #CantLiveWithoutMeet”


“Having dinner alone in one of my favorite places with good memories.😊 When I first came to Korea, being a collective society, people here used to think that it’s weird of me to eat alone. But recently ‘eating/drinking alone’ has become common in Korea due to the changing society. Now I won’t be a weirdo anymore~😌 Bon appetit! #Xander #ButterfingerPancakes #DiningAlone #habit #ImNotAlone #ImWithMyself #WhyIsMyselfSoHot”

All rights to the images and quotes belongs to Alexander Eusebio.

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