[Interview] 8 Questions with Conrad’s Jennifer Karum


Chicago represent!

BTSCelebs was recently given the golden opportunity to virtually interview an incredibly talented person in the entertainment industry, who just happens to hail from Chicago, IL. Writer and actress Jennifer Karum is excited to break into TV with her very own crime series that is sure to rival your favorites. But don’t take my word for it….I’ll let Mrs. Karum speak for herself.

BTSCelebs: Who is Jennifer Karum?
Jennifer Karum: I’m an actress based out of Chicago and a writer and I created the Conrad Series, focused on Women Empowerment. I’m someone who believes in something and going after it without letting obstacles hold you back.

How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?
Ever since I was little I was interested in pursuing an acting career. I’ve been enrolled in dance and singing classes, and it was just something I became passionate about. I have always auditioned for shows and plays and it’s great to be a part of something creative.

What inspired you to create “Conrad”?
It’s funny, I auditioned for it when it was a 2 page script, and I got cast as the lead. You’re going to laugh, but I’ve been inspired by “The Blacklist”, “Dexter”, “House Of Cards”, I just find these shows motivating, and I always made the joke how I wanted that “bad-a** ” detective role. But, at the end of the day, it just happened. I saw the 2 pages and asked if there was more and offered to write it, and the next night I was up all hours of the night just writing… until “Conrad” was born.

What is the “Conrad” story all about?
It’s essentially a journey of a woman’s need to prove the innocence of her dad’s death and in doing so, discovering her past and life wasn’t what she really knew it to be. She encounters many crossroads in which she has to make decisions to fight and keep going forward. She’s confronted with doubt, betrayal, deceit and pain, and overcomes obstacles she never thought she would have to experience. Ultimately, she really discovers who she is in a steadfast man’s world. She fights to be strong and doesn’t allow anything to stand in her way. She learns more about herself as she unravels her past. She has to succomb to life changes, while empowering herself to stay strong and keep searching to find out answers about her life.

Tell us about the differences and similarities you share with your character, Katy Conrad?
It’s funny because the story truly parallels my life on an emotional level. I just turned it into a crime drama to engage in something more intriguing. Katy is someone who is steadfast, doesn’t give up and will find answers any which way she has to. She’s confident and strong and is able to keep herself focused.
I would say I am someone who doesn’t give up and will find a way to make anything and everything happen. Katy is more confident and willing to take more risks than I say I would. I wouldn’t be able to confront the most dangerous people, but I certainly wish I had her bad a** attitude 🙂

Are there any current TV shows you hope your series competes against when it starts airing on TV?
“The Blacklist” would be one of them, “Chicago Justice”, perhaps.

Besides Chicago, are there any other US cities you hope your production gets the opportunity to film in?
I think it would be really cool to film in China and overseas. There is a lot of reference to her father being overseas and jewels that were handed to her from exotic places, and I love new cultures. It would be really enticing to bring that to the camera and leverage that in the story.

What does “Conrad” have in store for crime drama fans this year?
Lots of twists, and turns that you wouldn’t expect. The minute you think you have it figured out…

Learn more about Jennifer and her “Conrad” series through the following link: Conradseries.com
*A Special Thanks to Jennifer Karum for the interview and image.*

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