Song Seung Heon Shares “Cute” BTS Photos from His Filming Set

Song Seung Heon is a timeless gentleman.

One of my longtime celebrity crushes, Song Seung Heon, shared a few pictures from the set of his current historical series, Saimdang: Light’s Diary. He uploaded snapshots on social media of himself eating with a co-star, looking cool for the camera and initiating a pretend sword fight. The latter isn’t 100% in the “cute” department, but Seung Heon does look like a classic tough guy.

Check out his delightful photos below:




“Enjoy your lunch ^^”


I sincerely hope his character gets transported to the present-day in the series too! Great job so far, Mr. Song!

All rights to the images and quotes belong to Song Seung Heon and SBS.


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