Theatre Review: A&A Ballet’s “Cinderella”

Bravo to the cast of “Cinderella”!

Today, BTSCelebs was given the golden opportunity to review A&A Ballet’s Naperville premiere of “Cinderella”. This wonderful version is a drastic change to the original tale in the best way possible.

Dancers Ella Dorman and Teddy Watler magically transform into Cinderella and Prince Charming and have us believing in fairytales all over again. A&A Ballet’s president Alexei Kremnev soared as the Wicked Stepmother, while the Stepsisters and The Jester brightened the show even more with their comedic performances. I loved the way he included the children by letting them portray the roles of the Grasshoppers, Butterflies and Bees. The Gnomes kept the mystical theme of Cinderella alive without being too dark.

“Cinderella” was a joy from start to finish. I highly recommend you see this masterpiece before it’s too late.

“Cinderella” plays at the Pfeiffer Hall in Naperville,IL tonight and Saturday, May 27th at 7PM at the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago,IL.

* BTSCelebs sends a special thanks to A&A Ballet for the press passes and photos.*

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1 Response to Theatre Review: A&A Ballet’s “Cinderella”

  1. Holly Boyd says:

    Amazing show ! Loved every minute of it!

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