Lara Jean Casting in “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”: Why Didn’t Jeon Somi or Tia Cuevas Get Chosen?

Jeon Somi and Tia Cuevas

I’m sure Lana Candor is an amazing actress, and this post is in no way disrespecting her.

However, I’m surprised that the casting department for the movie “To All The Boys I Loved Before” didn’t follow the book to a T when choosing Lara Jean Song Covey. Hollywood is always very picky when it comes to casting based on ethnicity, even movie extras. In the book, Lara is described as bi-racial (half Caucasian and Korean) and two of South Korea’s well-known bi-racial idols Jeon Somi or Tia Cuevas (former Chocolat member) closely fit the description. Not to mention, Somi is exactly 16 years-old (which mirrors Lara’s age in book 1). If they ever wanted to turn the film into a Broadway musical, both of these ladies can sing and dance too!

The ladies mentioned in this article may have been in the running and just passed up on the offer. No one knows for sure. Nonetheless, I just had to state my opinion. In addition, I sincerely hope they clean up the language for the film version. I found the book’s use of profanity more appropriate for an adult novel than a book geared for pre-teens. The sequel “P.S. I Still Love You” was definitely filled with even more adult language.

Image Credits: JYP Ent and Tia’s Instagram

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2 Responses to Lara Jean Casting in “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”: Why Didn’t Jeon Somi or Tia Cuevas Get Chosen?

  1. Michael Do says:

    Well I could say this. At the time the film was made, I guess the producers didn’t thought about K-pop gaining popularity in the west. Had this film been made after BTS gained no.1 on Billboard 200 charts, they could have thought about casting Somi as Lara Jean. But it doesn’t matter, South Korea has been on a remake craze, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but they’ve been remaking US and UK shows into K-drama:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if South Korea decide to remake To all the Boys I loved before. The story (both book and film) read like a Korean rom-com TV drama, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Korea announce a K-drama remake of To all the boys I loved before given all the K-drama remake of US and UK shows that has been happening. So if you want Somi to play Lara Jean, you’ll have to wait for a K-drama remake for it to happen.

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