Theatre Review: The Joffrey Ballet’s “Giselle”

photo by Cheryl Mann

“Giselle” is awe-inspiring.

On Wednesday, “Giselle” kicked off The Joffrey Ballet‘s 2017-2018 season. The production, which originated in a 1841 Parisian Opera, remains a delightful story that people of all ages can enjoy.

I was hesitant about attending the ballet intially, because I was worried it would be too dark and sinister. I was pleasantly surprised by how bright and jovial half of the production was. I felt like I was watching a Rodgers and Hammerstein play for the entire first hour. Giselle was happily falling in love with Albrecht and the love triangle between the pair and Hilarion was so much fun to witness. Her untimely death at the end of the Act One was just the beginning of her unexpected journey to unselfish love. The dancers were perfectly in sync with each other as they seamlessly executed their moves. Dancer Hansol Jeong is the one to watch this season, because his solo performance was simply superb.

The second half took a nightmarish turn with the maiden ghosts haunting the graveyard looking for their next victim. Giselle proved that she was brave even in the afterlife as she fought to save her former lovers’ life. This ballet has the right amount of darkness to be a Halloween treat, but it’s not too scary for the kids.

photo by Cheryl Mann

As always, each and every dancer did an incredible job with the choreography, and stars Victoria Jaiani, Temur Sulushvili, Rory Hoherstein were the stand out dancers of the night. Not to mention, the background design was gorgeous. It was the ideal enchanted forest.

I highly recommend “Giselle’ for diehard fans of supernatural and classic presentations.

photo by Cheryl Mann

A congratulations once again to Artistic Director Ashley Wheater on his 10th year anniversary with Joffrey.

* A Special Thanks to The Silverman Group for allowing BTSCelebs to review the ballet*

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