Peter Han Leaves Kpoppin’+ a Former U-KISS Member Joins

K-Poppin’ is changing it up once again this fall with the departure of Peter Han.

In mid-September, Peter joined Isak’s AYOU segment on Fridays. Due to a busy recording schedule, it was announced this week that he was leaving the show after only a month and a half.

Peter bid farewell once again and expressed his desire to return in the future via social media, while Friday co-host Kate shared a series of snapshots and this message:

“Don’t leave us, Peter! We will miss you very much. It’s been fun and I shall be waiting eagerly for your new music– which will be absolutely perfect because duh….”

Click Here to see more from her mini photo album.

The same day, Arirang Radio shared the happy news that former UKISS member AJ (now know as Siyoon) will be taking over as the second guest on AYOU.

Click Here to read Arirang’s bulletin.

All the best to Peter Han, and I highly anticipate what Siyoon will bring to the show each week.

All rights to the photo and quote belongs to Kate Kim.



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