“Cinderella” Returns to Chicago

On May 26, the Studebaker Theatre will host an encore presentation of Alexei Kremnev’s highly acclaimed “Cinderella”.  BTSCelebs was among the many reviewers last year who couldn’t stop raving about the event.

According to A&A Ballet’s recent press release, “more than 75 members of Kremnev and partner Anna Reznik’s esteemed A&A Ballet company will bring the timeless fairy tale to life”. Kremnev will reprise his comedic role as the Wicked Stepmother, while Kremnev and Reznik’s former Joffrey Ballet student Michael Sayre (who is currently with BalletMet) joins the cast as the Prince. Cinderella’s role was given to A&A Ballet Conservatory’s Grace Curry, and the Jester is portrayed by famed Ballet San Antonio dancer Ryland Acree.

A&A Ballet’s founders had this to say about their former student: “There is so much undiscovered beauty for every child, and it’s a mission of every teacher to make the best possible effort to open this door. Michael was eager to run into it and we believe he hasn’t lost his speed yet. His story of commitment, courage, and dedication has come full circle. From a young student to a principal artist who will inspire another generation of young dancers.”

Sayre is excited to take a brief moment in between seasons at BalletMet to revisit his dancing roots. “It will be a blast from the past for me! I’m also looking forward to taking class from Anna and Alexei for the first time in years,” he said.

Grace Curry admits that playing Cinderella on stage will be a childhood dream come true. She learned so much from working directly with the dance company’s founder. “Working with Anna Reznik has been an invaluable experience for me.  The level of detail and artistry that she brings to this piece is what truly makes it special.  I’m very blessed to have such a unique opportunity to learn and grow from such an incredible teacher.  She is truly a master at what she does,” she gushed.

Previous Cinderellas have continued to excel in the dancing field.  Jia Sun is with the Dresden Semperoper Ballett and Amber Neumann is apart of the Theater Hagen in Germany.

The Jester dancer, Ryland Acree, hopes audiences expect a magical performance from the good natured character.

Kremnev debuted the show initially through The Joffrey Academy in 2012, and the audience loved it.  Don’t miss “Cinderella” at the Studebaker Theatre in Chicago on May 26 at 2p.m and 7 p.m.

*A Special Thanks to A&A Ballet for the press releases.*

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