Shawn Mendes Opens Up About Song Inspiration + Jordin Sparks Is The Next Martha Stewart

Two superstars get real!

North American fans were delighted by the honesty radiating from two well-known celebrities yesterday. Shawn Mendes told everyone via Twitter that he feels mainstream music lovers want to hear more realism.

“I feel like more than ever people just wanna hear real sh** in music & in life in general. There is literally no room for made up stories or feelings. That says a lot about our generation in the best way & I feel really proud to be apart of it.”

He added, “It feels like the most poetic music is actually coming from the most straight up conversational real life lyrics. Figuring out how to make an extremely complicated feeling turn into simple conversational sentences is really poetic to me.”

That’s deep.

Jordin Sparks puts her creative culinary skills to the test in an all new show. Every Wednesday, she plans to greet fans through an online cooking program called “Heart Of The Batter”. The captivating preview video was recently released.

Check out the video preview below with the positive Martha Stewart vibe:

All rights to the image and video belongs to Shawn Mendes, Jordin Sparks and KIN. 

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