[Interview] Fabrice Calmels: An Artistic Master

Credit: Cheryl Mann

Recently, BTSCelebs was given the honor of interviewing Joffrey Ballet veteran Fabrice Calmels. The artistic master, who hails from France, has been apart of the Chicago based company since the early 2000s.  Through dancing, he continues to set a great example for rookie dancers year after year.

Check out BTSCelebs’ exclusive interview now.

BTScelebs: Who is Fabrice Calmels?

Fabrice Calmels: Lead dancer with the Joffrey Ballet, Guinness World Record holder, actor, and entrepreneur with one mission in mind, changing the way people think about Ballet.

How does The Joffrey Ballet compare to ballet in your home country?

The Joffrey Ballet is an avant-garde Ballet company always looking to be creative and a leader in evolving Ballet.  Ballet in France, however, is much more classical and traditional.

Please give us one word you think best describes your 17 year career with The Joffrey Ballet. Why did you choose this particular word? 

Perseverance.  I chose this word because it describes my persistence in my career in the face of roadblocks.

How do you stay connected to family and friends in France? Do they attend your performances here? 

I try to stay connected with my family as best as I can.  Technology has definitely made this much easier than it used to be.  It is hard for my family to fly in for my seasonal performances because of their own heavy work schedules. However, they have attended Othello and Nutcracker separately; my mother would make it during the spring while my father would join me during the fall.

Which show is your favorite this 2018-2019 season?

Anna Karenina

What will be your next performance?**

A tour in California, then the world premiere of “Home” choreographed by Andrea Walker.

Is there any advice you would give rookie dancers anxious to join Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet? 

Learn from your elders.  A career at the Joffrey is not a 100-meter dash, it is a marathon.  It is important to pace your work, take care of your body, and invest in your health because once the body says “enough”, you are done.

What heights will you be poised to accomplish in the foreseeable future?**

Create an international brand that will change the way people think about Ballet.

Credit: Cheryl Mann

A Special Thanks to Fabrice Calmels, The Silverman Group and The Joffrey Ballet for the exclusive interview and images. 

** Questions courtesy of a Ballet Enthusiast with an undying love for the art.

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