CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE Celebrates Amazon Release

The overflowing love from global fans helped bring CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE to one of the most popular streaming platforms. The dramatic documentary, which features interviews from Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Lisa Bevere, John Bevere, Graham Cooke, Bob Hazlett and Raniero Cantalamessa, hits Amazon on August 15th.

According to an official press release from Biscuit Media Group, this film is the first in a series. It “highlights modern heroes of faith that explore the reasons that people hold back from bringing hope, healing, and restoration to a broken world. Through stories of faith and restoration, on the street demonstrations, and practical strategies, this documentary can help everyday Christians step out in faith and use their God-given gifts to impact their communities.”

Di Meglio had this to say about the groundbreaking film, “We started creating the CHRIST IN YOU films to share the good news of how ordinary people are speaking out to share the Gospel in powerful ways. We hope these films will show that anyone, everyone, can move in the miraculous. By sharing how God is transforming people through his love, we hope to empower the body of Christ to step out in faith, listen to the voice of God, activate your prophetic gifts, and take action according to what He is saying to you.”

A special thanks to Biscuit Media Group for the image and info. 

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