[Update] “Conrad” Series Promises Diversity And Star-Studded Cast

In 2017, actress and writer Jennifer Karum (aka Jennifer A. Goodman) graced us with her dynamic presence and spilled all the exciting details about a new series. That show has gained so much momentum since then, and she recently gave BTSCelebs an inspiring update.

According to her press release, “Conrad” has over 10,500 followers on social media. Legendary stars like Eric Roberts and Harry Lennix have joined the cast. Forbes featured Jennifer and fellow co-creator Ryan Atkins in a special article about reaching out to TV networks, connecting with fans during the pandemic and describing the message behind their unique crime show. The production team held a extravagant premiere party pre-pandemic that included celebrity guests and giveaways.

In this “sophisticated, high-octane drama tv series”, everyone is equal. No one is put in a box or defined by category. Lead actress and co-creator Jennifer appears to be breaking barriers by bringing Autism awareness in the film industry. “Conrad” is already designed to tell a compelling story for three seasons, while maintaining their passion for studio acquisition and co-production.

Check out the trailer below to see for yourself:

Read the complete show synopsis, meet the cast and crew and stay up-to-date on all things “Conrad” by visiting its official website, ConradSeries.com and following on social media @conradseries on Instagram, @conradseries on Facebook and @CONRADseries Twitter.

*A Special Thanks to Jennifer and Lakefront Pictures, LLC and/or Conrad Series, LLC for the information, video and photos.

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