[Interview] 5 Questions With Actress Tenley

Nick Vlassopoulos and Tenley

Are you a fan of family films? Then, Tenley’s latest project Faith Under Fire is for you! She earned the leading role of Tiffany Hatcher in the movie all about a firefighter, who is devoted husband and dad, struggling after his personal life is shattered.

Learn more about the young star and her time on-set now.

BTSCelebs: Who is Tenley professionally?

Tenley: When I first read this question, I kind of laughed, because I don’t think of myself as a professional, I just think of myself as a storyteller. Someone who has a ton of fun working hard to bring my imagination to life 🙂

Who is your Hollywood role model?

Pedro Pascal! Because he can tell stories without using words. His physical actions are totally in sync with the character and the plot, and you find yourself getting sucked into the story before he’s even made a sound! He’s amazing. Those are storytelling goals.

What was your favorite scene in Faith Under Fire?

They were all really fun…but if I have to choose I’d say the fort scene. I LOVE to make forts with the couch cushions in real life, and I LOVE ice cream! So it was just like being at home 🙂

Tell us about one memorable thing that happened during filming.

There isn’t really one thing, as the whole experience was super fun. But I will say playing Tiffany made me realize all of the struggles that cancer patients go through; it made me even more empathetic to what they have to endure.

What other projects should we expect from you in 2021?

Up next, I am going to begin filming a sitcom pilot called “Giggs.” It is a very funny and heartfelt sitcom. The script is amazingly funny and sweet. I also have an upcoming feature film called “Pulled From Darkness.” This feature is based off of a true story from 1980s Armenia. After their mother is taken and missing for three years, three siblings must figure out how they are going to find her and reunite after losing hope.

All the best to Tenley!  Her film Faith Under Fire, which stars Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo and Nick Vlassopoulos, is currently available on DVD and Digital. Learn more about the film by visiting the official website,  faithunderfirefilm.com.

A Special Thanks to Tenley and Collide Media Group for the exclusive interview and image. 

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