March 2021 Release! “DOLPHIN ISLAND” Is Coming

Credit: Mr. Puppy Presents/Entertainment Squad

Actors Peter Woodward, Dionne Lea and Tyler Jade Nixon star in the family film titled DOLPHIN ISLAND. The movie, which is about a teen’s dream life turned upside down when her estranged grandparents return, is scheduled to be released on March 2nd, according to a Collide Distribution press release.

DOLPHIN ISLAND promises to give its audience pure joy by bringing the gorgeous Bahamas landscape to them. Mr. Puppy Presents/Entertainment Squad created DI and it is directed by Mike Disa, produced by Shaked Berenson, and written by Disa, Berenson, and Rolfe Kanefsky.

View the trailer below to see a visual synopsis:

Mike Disa: “We set out to make a heartwarming movie that shares about the power of family and community. We couldn’t have expected the timing that, shortly after filming, our world would be shut down to traveling.”

Shaked Berenson: “We hope the film helps families escape to a beautiful island paradise, that it can inspire girls to seek out careers in science, and it can help us consider the power of family-in whatever form we may find it.”

DOLPHIN ISLAND also features actors Bob Bledsoe, David Raizor and introduces Annette Lovrien Duncan and Aaron Borrow.

Click Here to learn more about Dolphin Island

A Special Thanks to Collide Media Group/Collide Distribution for the press release.

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