[Interview] 8 Questions With Musician Erskin

Rising star Erskin Anavitarte has a heart of gold!

According to his online biography, the devoted husband and father is an accomplished “Singer-Songwriter, Diversity Spokesman, Adoption Advocate, and music Co-Producer”. Non-profit organizations Holt International, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Life Action, and Project Connect Nashville are some of the ones the Anavitarte family are advocates for.

BTSCelebs first heard him perform “Is He Worth It?” on CCM Mag Cafe, and I knew I had to interview this inspiring singer. During our chat, Erskin introduced himself, his family and expounded on his wonderful career and things near and dear to his heart.

Meet Erskin Anavitarte!

BTSCelebs: Who is Erskin?

Erskin Anavitarte: Hello world! The artist, performer and personality known as Erskin is a creative music entrepreneur who loves to interact and lead people closer to Jesus. Since this can happen almost anywhere, I travel almost everywhere to see this happen.

Who inspired you to pursue music?

The inspiration to pursue music comes from a healthy life of music diversity. I grew up listening to pop, country, R&B Classics & more, which makes it understandable that I would create in those various genres. My father was a career musician and he along with others kept the fires of creativity active through life.

Out of all the songs you have created, which one do you connect with the most?

It probably stands as a stock answer for artists, but every song that I write has a special message or sense that completes the picture that you see of me. I would not be who I am without the styles, forms and lyrics of each song. Songs like Black & White, Is He Worth It? and Grace Made the First Move have garnered more popular appeal; however, each song lives in a special place in my life.

Your family is beautiful. Please tell us about the love story God wrote for you and your wife.

Our family story is one of such unique beauty given the fact that my wife and I met in school. We found out we had common spiritual passions as well as family passions. My wife has a rare biblical and physical beauty that has brought us to 17 years of marriage and counting by making it seem like just a few days. We have two adopted kids and have fostered numerous other kids through our years of marriage.

You and your wife are advocates for several non-profit organizations. Please tell us more about them and how you got involved.

One of our favorite non-profits to partner with is an organization called Holt International, a childhood sponsorship and advocacy group. The difference in this group is that they are pioneers in international adoption and current workers in family enrichment.

How have you stayed connected with your fans throughout the pandemic?

The pandemic, though difficult, has itself afforded numerous opportunities to broaden my social media profile in order to meet with the people. The Erskin Music Show was created to discuss the hot topics of the day and promote awareness of the Erskin Music platform. It has been a creative joy to have new ways of keeping in contact with people as well as meeting new people.

If you had the opportunity to join a dream music tour (Christian and mainstream), who would choose as your tourmates?

It would be hard to settle on a music tour that would satisfy all of the genres that interest me. I would enjoy 1 part DC Talk + 1 Part Hootie and the Blowfish + 1 part Steve Curtis Chapman… that would be awesome, just awesome.

What projects and concerts should your fans expect from you in 2021 and 2022?

Coming to a streaming platform and eventually stage near you is the soon-to-be released single entitled “Circles” featuring Mason Zygoda. It will also be in the projected fall release of the EP entitled “Just Dance.” Look out cause you’re gonna want to move and groove!

All the best!

Learn more about Erskin Anavitarte by visiting his official website, ErskinMusic.com.

A BTSCelebs sends a Special Thanks to Erskin and Artist Amplified for the exclusive interview and images.

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