[Movie Review] “A Father’s Legacy”

Stars Tobin Bell and Jason Mac star in the raw and emotional film A Father’s Legacy. In Mac’s feature film directorial debut, he portrays Nick Wolfe, a heartbroken man on the run.

Nick is at a crossroads in life as he deals with the lifelong absence of his father and struggles with financial stability to support his own growing family. After committing a senseless crime, he lands on an elderly man’s doorstep. The man’s name is Billy Ford (Bell), and he is very reluctant to welcome the strange criminal.

Throughout the film, the two men realize that their drastic difference in age and stage in life pale in comparison to their similarities. They start sharing their deep dark secrets with one another, while teaching each other valuable lessons.

A Father’s Legacy is a thrilling ride with a touch of serenity. Bill Ford’s secluded house with a view of water supplies a surprising calming affect to the thrilling emotional movie. It also explores the topic of faith in both men’s lives. Their wives are devout Christians, and we discover their opinions of Christianity. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves action films, father son genres and an authentic drama. (There is some language.)

The film also stars Rebecca Robles, Gregory Alan Williams, Kurt Yue and Michael Aaron Milligan.

A Father’s Legacy releases in theaters across the USA on June 17th, 2021.

A Special Thanks to Biscuit Media Group, Cinedigm and Fathom Events for the film screener, still and video.

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