[Interview] Erica Wiggenhorn: “There Is Always Hope”

Credit: Moody Publishers & Sarah Hoag Photography

This week, Erica Wiggenhorn’s brand new bookLetting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck and How Surrender Sets You Free” was officially released to the public. In her new project, she tackles Imposter Syndrome and gives assurance that anyone can overcome with God’s guidance. 

Today, she opens up to BTSCelebs about the humble beginnings of “Letting God Be Enough”,  Moses connection to the story and how people from all faiths can be encouraged.

BTSCelebs: Who is Erica Wiggenhorn professionally?

Erica Wiggenhorn: Erica is an author and speaker who is passionate about getting people’s face in The Book and living like it’s true! She loves to open God’s Word with anyone who will listen through her in-depth Bible studies, or speaking at conferences, retreats or around her own kitchen table.

What inspired you to write “Letting God Be Enough”?

Letting God Be Enough resulted from my own struggle with a fear of inadequacy or Imposter Syndrome. Perfectionism, people-pleasing, performance and achievement marked my life for years. It all came crashing upon me during my first visit to Moody Publishers. As a fellow author and I prepared to hop in a cab and go meet the publishing team for the first time, my hands began to shake, sweat beaded across my forehead and my stomach twisted in knots. ‘I can’t go!’ I stammered. ‘They are going to take one look at me and know they made a mistake. They are going to take my next contract and rip it to shreds. I just know it. Tell them I got sick!’ My friend cocked her head and announced, ‘You have Imposter Syndrome! We are going to put an end to this lie of the enemy right now. You are going to Moody Publishers today, and they are going to adore you as much as I do. Now get in the cab.’

I spent the day marveling at the opportunity to be there. I met the team and feigned confidence and excitement but the entire day I felt sick and nervous. When we finally got back to our hotel room that night and I laid my head on the pillow, I felt the Lord whisper in my heart, ‘Today was supposed to be a day of great joy and celebration. But you let a lie rob it from you. How long are you going to allow the enemy to exert this power over you? When are you going to allow me to heal it?’ So I started researching Imposter Syndrome and realized how common it was among so many people, especially women. And especially Christian women. And I knew that the healing journey God had me on was not just for myself, I needed to include others as well. And Letting God Be Enough is the result.

Why did you choose Moses as the biblical person to reference in your new book?

I refer to Moses as the greatest self-doubter in the Bible. He exemplifies Imposter Syndrome. The way Moses describes himself in Exodus 4 in contrast to how Stephen describes him in Acts 7, you would think they were talking about two completely different people! So, I wanted to pay close attention to how God dealt with Moses’ Imposter Syndrome. How God brought healing and invite God to speak that same salve of truth over my own aching soul longing for affirmation.

How do you identify with Moses’ life story?

I identify with how long it took Moses to get on board with following God’s plan. To get over himself and rely on God. Self-doubt is cousins with self-sufficiency and for years I walked the road of self-reliance only exercising my faith as a get out of hell free card. I feel like I wasted so many years wandering around Midian instead of following God’s call upon my life.

What is a go-to scripture that is easy for someone to relate to who isn’t familiar with the Holy Bible? 

I keep going back to Jeremiah 29:11. With the world growing increasingly darker it can be hard to hold on to hope and feel like there is a good future in front of us. When we realize God spoke those words to His people while they were imprisoned in Babylon, far from home with little hope of ever returning, we realize God’s ability to secure our future doesn’t depend on current circumstances. With God there is always hope.

What is one thing you want non-believers to take away from “Letting God Be Enough”?

Credit: Moody Publishers

That the world’s answers for dealing with a fear of inadequacy or Imposter Syndrome are not bad suggestions, they are just inadequate. Leading psychologists and thought leaders tell us when we feel like we aren’t enough we ought to unroll our resume and cite our past successes. Remind ourselves of past achievements, learned skill sets, and educational accomplishments. But the reality is that in this broken world, we will face situations and circumstances for which nothing on our resume could possibly prepare us. Like when my husband’s coworker entered the office two weeks ago and announced that her eleven year old daughter has bone cancer. This woman has graduate degrees. She has run multi-million dollar companies. She is brilliant. But she is not prepared to be a mama of a cancer patient. No one is. None of us can put a prodigal back on the path home, cure cancer, set an addict free, force someone to forgive us, resurrect a ruined relationship by ourselves, these things require the intervention of a good God who longs to give us hope and a future.

What projects or events can we expect from you for the remainder of 2021 into the Spring of 2022?

My next project is a bible study and video teaching series on revival which will release in Spring of 2022!

Congratulations to Erica Wiggenhorn on the release of her new book! Learn more about her through her official website: EricaWiggenhorn.com

A Special Thanks to Erica Wiggenhorn and Biscuit Media Group for the exclusive interview. 

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2 Responses to [Interview] Erica Wiggenhorn: “There Is Always Hope”

  1. Sarah says:

    Filled with truth and positivity. A reality check to take our eyes off ourselves and the opinion of others about us and look inward and upward and fix our eyes on the Lord with laser focus like a guided missile. Let’s face it, He is God, and we are not. We are here to fulfill His purpose not our own. Thanks Erica for your transparency and thanks BTSCELEBS

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