Review: Chris Fabry And The Kendrick Bros’ “Lifemark”

On August 23rd, Chris Fabry and the Kendrick Bros’ “Lifemark” (novel) officially releases. The book is a touching pro-life story about a teenage couple with an unwanted pregnancy and a married couple grieving the loss of their babies.

Inspired by true life events, “Lifemark” focuses on Melissa, who is a senior in high school, living with her boyfriend, Brian.

She unexpectedly gets pregnant, and Brian suggests an abortion to simplify their lives. They have no money or additional resources to care for a child so it is the only logical solution. Seconds before the abortion procedure, Melissa changes her mind and considers giving her baby up for adoption. Out of a sea of potential parents, she chooses Susan and Jimmy Colton’s loving home.

As the years fly by, Melissa misses her son desperately. She and Brian move on with their lives, have another baby and navigate through the trials of marriage and divorce. Their biological son, David Colton, is thriving in his new life. Susan and Jimmy raise him with love and care while being completely open and honest about his adoption. Everything comes full circle when David turns 18 and decides to reconnect with his birth parents.

“Lifemark” is full of realistic and lovable supporting characters like David’s best friend Nate, his sister Reese, David’s siblings Courtney and Presley and even his step-parents. They round out the story about making your own choices in life. I recommend this book to anyone curious about the whole abortion and pro-life debate. Everyone doesn’t agree on this topic, but it is important to be well informed about the issue.

“Lifemark” is scheduled to be released on August 2nd, 2022.

*A Special Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for the advance reader copy of the book and cover image*

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