11 SHINee Solo Music Videos To Celebrate Key’s “Gasoline” Album

Image Credit: @bumkeyk on Instagram

Today, SHINee‘s Key released his 2nd album “Gasoline.” The gifted star has been promoting the project all month, and the dark yet artistic music video for his title track dropped this morning. In celebration of his music comeback, BTSCelebs wants to highlight some original music his band SHINee released as solo artists over the years.

Enjoy the sweet tunes of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

Key – “One of Those Nights”

Key – “I Wanna Be”

Jonghyun – “Deja-Boo”

Onew – “DICE”

Jonghyun –  “She is”

Minho – “Heartbreak”

Onew – “Way” (duet with artist Punch)

Taemin – “Day and Night”

Minho – “I’m Home”

Taemin – “Advice”

Taemin – “2 Kids”

All the best to Key on his “Gasoline” album!

Image Credit: Key’s IG

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