Shhhh! Quiet on the set!

What is it really like BTS (Behind the Scenes) on an American TV/Movie Production?

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! If you love repeating your movements over and over again for a number of hours…you can be a movie extra! Professional extras must be quiet during filming, never speak while the camera is rolling (unless asked to), and never bother a celebrity.

If you are a diehard fangirl(or boy) who desperately needs an autograph/photo with your favorite celebrity before heading home. This work is not for you. Cell phones, cameras, and any electronic device is prohibited on set (hence the reason the article does not have a photo)

After you learn the golden movie rules….its Simon Says time! Whatever they instruct you to do…you must obey! You repeat these movements until the crew tells you “that’s a wrap”!

How long does a normal extra day last?

8-14 hours on any given day. Work is given to you on a day to day basis…..and you spend your day waiting,following the leader,being a professional repeater, and following any other directions to the end!

Meals are provided for you every 6-7 hours.

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