Filming “What’s Your Raashee” in Chicago–Scene One

Enter the virtual filming set now……

It is a cold day in February of 2009….as I enter The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

This is where I would spend the next 12 hours of my day. I arrived at the location around 7AM (an hour earlier than everyone else). [Punctuality is a requirement in the movie extra field] After waiting a couple of hours in “holding” (name of the place extras place their belongings during filming), a member of the crew informed me that “What’s Your Raashee” means What’s Your Zodiac Sign (in Astrology). What! This was a shock! I do not believe in astrology at all…not even a little bit. However, I was there for a job so I had to remain the reliable employee.

We filmed all of the scenes in and around the university. Which is a MAJOR PLUS in this line of work. A regular extra job would have you walk miles and/or be shuttled from location to location/holdings all day long.

This particular day was a breath of fresh air. We filmed our first scene right outside of the front doors. The “Simon Says” instructions of the scene were to pretend to walk out of the building…..then continue walking on the sidewalk until you are out of the camera’s view. Well….the instructions changed when the handsome actor Harman Baweja arrived outside. A small group of extras close to me (and myself included) were instructed to stand next to Mr. Baweja and be one of the many students entering the building with him.

I have to say Mr. Baweja seemed to be the ultimate professional with a touch of friendlness. During the hour, he focused on perfecting his entrance and he even ask a few extras What their Raashees were!  You could tell he was a warm,friendly, and humble celebrity.

After we paced back and forth (walked up and down the entrance stairs)(patomining with the partner you were assigned with), the scene was over. We returned to holding.

The second scene would be much later. Why? Well…..while I went to the ladies room I thought I heard people walking by….only to find out the majority of my co-workers were gone! (They had left for scene two without me!)

What happened next? Scene Two-To Be Continued

Photo Source:  The Official University of Chicago Booth School of Business Website

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