Scene 2 W-Y-R!!!!

On this particular day, I was apart of three scenes for “What’s Your Raashee“. This is the story of scene 2…..

I walked back to holding and waited.  A P A (Production Assistant) and very few extras were still seated in the room full of tables.  After an hour or so of waiting/reading a book, the rest of the crew started to return.

The PAs announced the next scene would start soon. We were escorted to a cafe. Many were seated at the numerous tables in the room where the leading male actor was already preparing for the scene.

The cast rehearsed a number of times without “extra” assistance. Then, the time came for our close-ups (technically speaking). We used our real lunches for the day as props. When the word “background” was announced, we ate to our hearts content for every take! This was one of the easiest and tastiest scenes I have ever done!  What was my lunch? Let’s just say ….It consisted of fried chicken strips……

We finished our food and escorted back to holding….What scene is next?  Scene Three involves a teacher, fake students, and extremely quiet workers. **COMING SOON***

*Actual Photos from my workdays are not available. I didn’t lose the pictures…cameras are not allowed on filming sets *

Image Source: Official What’s Your Raashee Facebook Page

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